Report doesn't open after migration to new server

Hi Experts:
I’m migrating reports to 2016 Servers - it migrates successfully.
But, none of them open - I can see the report names, folders.
When I right click - it doesn’t show the modify option.
I can create a new report using same universe. But, that one also don’t open.
Migrated the users also - but no properties of the users migrated, just the names.

I used the Promotion Management Tool in the CMC of the new server. Also, tried
with the BIAR file. Same result.

The BO version is the same for both environment:
SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 Support Pack 5

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Anyone in the forum can put a light on this issue?
After migrating the users, I can’t also modify the properties - no option.

PLEASE ADVISE. Thanks in advance.

mk19 :bangladesh: (BOB member since 2009-07-20)



  1. Do not migrate the Administrator User from one server to another - it overwrites the ‘Administrator’ on the New server and loose all other edit capacity

  2. Universe connections need to update to suit the new environment.
    Import Universe to the local folder, and the connection as well.
    Modify the connection for the new server, test it and migrate back the universe.

mk19 :bangladesh: (BOB member since 2009-07-20)