Report bursting to network drive includes all the data

Hello, I searched for Burst report articles but couldn’t find what was happening in my case.

I have 2 reports.

Source Report

In Source Report we have ‘Region’ as a break and that is what we need to use to burst the report.

In Recipient, we have a Region field that changes dynamically.

I have setup the publication and under dynamic recipient I have mapped the Source Report and Recipient using ‘Region’ field. Under destination, used the File System and entered the required info.

Scheduled the publication. It only generated one file which included all the data. Can we burst the report to destination file folder.

Do I must have the Username and Email address even when I am bursting to Destination file? Is there anything else I might be doing wrong.

kpiracha (BOB member since 2011-03-23)

The recipient would need to be each region manager to force the bursting, setting destination to file.

Mark P :uk: (BOB member since 2003-02-03)

I am totally confused about the response provided.

kpiracha (BOB member since 2011-03-23)

Any updated on this?

kpiracha (BOB member since 2011-03-23)

Sorry, been off work and enjoying a break. :wink:

If you want multiple files, you’ll need multiple recipients, one for each region.

Mark P :uk: (BOB member since 2003-02-03)

I do have multiple recipient. Main report is broken down by Region. The second report which is called Recipient is broken by Region as well.

I don’t have any Username and Email addresses in the Recipient report because the report needs to be bursted by Region into a folder and does not need to be emailed.

kpiracha (BOB member since 2011-03-23)

Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong here?

kpiracha (BOB member since 2011-03-23)

The recipient-report should be a simple list for mapping source to target 1:1.
(Idk if a report with broken elements is working like that)

In your case, the dynamic recipient-list will only be a dummy to instruct the scheduler to split up the main-report by region.
There is no need for user or email.

In the destination-filename you can insert the placeholder “region” to give every file a separate name.

n8aktiv :de: (BOB member since 2018-12-29)

Thanks. I actually did what you suggested already and I do see the files broken down by Region but when I open each file, it still contains data for all the Regions. So it is bursting the report with Each Region name but still contains the data for all the Regions. Beats me :slight_smile:

kpiracha (BOB member since 2011-03-23)

I am back to this report bursting feature this year. I have a report ‘Loss by Regions’ which contains data by ‘REGION’. All I need to do is break the report by each ‘REGION’ and sent to a destination folder.

I created a new report and named is Region names. All it contains is list of distinct regions.
I then created a publication and set the Dynamic recipient using the Region name report and also did the personalization map the region name from both reports.
The report ran and did distribution 5 different file to the folder but they contained the full data meaning all regions still. Not sure why the regions were not broken down in each file.
Can anyone help.

Dynamic recipients only work if you email the reports. To send to a file system, you have to use Enterprise recipients.

The built in Publication feature is quite lacking in functionality :frowning_face:

Thank you. If I create a dimension in Universe name is ‘Email’ and give my email address as the value. I can then attach that email with each Region and burst to network drive. Is this something that can work? I will also test it.

Now reading contradictory info that indicates it may work saving to a file system if you use dynamic recipients. Give it a shot and see what happens! You do want to make sure ‘Refresh on Open’ is NOT selected when the report is saved.