Removing Business Objects

There have been some mentions in other posts about the difficulty of uninstalling Business Objects (Like in this one: Business Objects fails to load login box).

For those with a SAP Support account, instruction for manually removing Business Objects are available here: 1691555 - Manually remove SAP BI 4.0/4.1/4.2 from Windows Server [How-To] [Video].

What I wanted to point out is the RemoveBI4 utility that is attached to the above KBA. I’ve used this utility both on a server installation and on a client installation and it works very well. I haven’t found anything related to Business Objects that it doesn’t remove.

The Terms of Service for this site and the SAP copywrite prohibit us from posting this utility here but if you are on SAP Support, I encourage you to add this utility to your toolbox of tools for working with Business Objects.

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