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Removign Borders from Table - in report embedded in mail

HI Team ,

I have scheduling requirement where I have to show report in mail .

FOr this I created Publication with destination as MHTML and mail body using variablle %SI_DOCUMENT_HTML_CONTENT%
This is Working Fine .

But i have formatting requirement where i dont have to display borders of the cell nor table .

I have done following things :

  1. WHite border
  2. settign foregroung backgroung as none

Nothing helps when reprot comes in MHTML its printing borders with cell .

has anybody faced this problem . Please let me know how to solve this

Desired Output withouot border.JPG
save 1 with borders.JPG

swapnil_taz :india: (BOB member since 2006-04-06)

Yeah the block level border doesn’t seem to render in outlook. You have to set the borders on the individual cells around the block.

For example, the non-corner header cells would have this border style on the top only, while the right-corner header cell would have this border style on the top and right. Kind of a pain but it works.

The exception to the above are cross-tabs. My above method doesn’t work for these since they don’t have a static number of columns.