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Refresh Live Office document with code


I created this command line tool to make batch refresh of Live Office documents possible. I used mostly the information in this topic, specially the hints of user djikstra.

This zip file contains is the complete VB.Net solution, in the bin folder, under release there is a compiled binary.

Edited: I forgot to mention that the tool is designed to work with MS Word documents only. If there’s any need, I can add support for other office formats. The reason of focusing on Word is that right now it is not possible to schedule webi documents in word formats, and several clients require this.

Usage is simple:

RunLiveOfficeReport.exe /Prompts="SAMPLE CUSTOMER|EN;NL" /File="g:\LiveOffice\TestReports\prompttest.docx" /output="g:\LiveOffice\TestReports\prompttest_multi.docx"

The /Prompts parameter can handle multiple prompts, and also multiple values for each prompt.
The prompts must follow each other in the order as seen on the prompt screen during normal refresh and should be separated by “|” character. The values within one prompt should be separated by “;”

So, in the example /Prompts=“SAMPLE CUSTOMER|EN;NL” we refresh the report for “Sample Customer” (first prompt), and choose the calls answered in EN or NL (2nd prompt).

The code works with BO 4.x., should run on any windows client with LiveOffice and .Net 4.5 installed.

Marton Vilmanyi
Run LiveOffice (748.0 KB)

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Thanks for sharing.

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