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Recurring instances from BI platform CMS system db

Hello there
has anyone tried to get a report of recurring instances from that BI platform CMS system db universe/driver?
I was able to create a report with all reports (as the platform search does not work well for us). And now with the recurring instances I cant find out how to get to destination / email fields (Recipients, CC, subject, etc.)
I have a java code to get such a report (+ I am aware it could be done with REST) but I’d like to have it as a normal webi report to allow users do it by themselves. I am also aware this CMS db / universe reflects the users permissions = e.g. it would show just those instances users have permissions to…

thanks & regards, Tom

hmm according
CMS Database Universe - E-mail Recipients | SAP Community
it cannot be get directly but just with a CMS custom driver SDK
= which practically would double the whole problem :slight_smile:


Its pretty easy with the CMS universe.
You must make sure to take the schedule status 9, as this is recurring

You can add any other details and levels you need. Next run time, Folder path. Etc.

Yes, these fields I have but I was not able to get fields like email recipients, cc, subject… can you (?)

You can get them by adding the same type of code as like the query builder into CMS universe.
Only not if it is in containers or others levels. But email sent too can be found.

Also we use the audit database to register emails sent out, so you can track users sending emails by using audit database.