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RAS SDK : cannot create temp file --> limit amount of dat

Hi all,

I’ve encountered a problem with a crystal report that I’m refreshing and exporting to xls with the java RAS SDK.

Depending on the value of the parameters, I’m getting 1, 65 or 339 pages after the refresh.

When I’m trying to export the report with few pages (1 or 65 for example), no problem. But with the report of 339 pages, I’m getting an exception and an error (Cannot create temp file : generic error) at that line :

InputStream byteIS = (InputStream) crystalDocument.getPrintOutputController().export(neededFormat);

If I’m refreshing and exporting the report with InfowView, I’ve no problem and my excel file contains a little bit more than 22.000 lines.

So my question is :

  • Is there any value I need to change to admit more lines?
  • Is there any attributes I need to set in one particular object?

Precision : it is the same thing if I’m exporting to excel or pdf.

Thanks in advance !

jvervier :belgium: (BOB member since 2012-02-01)

I am also seeing this problem. For me, it appears the problem has something to do with the prompts in the report. I have one report with no prompt, it works fine. A second report has a single prompt and it fails.
My reports are very small (returning 1 page with 20 rows of data).

I am testing against BI4.0 SP4, using RAS. What version are you testing with?

    PrintOutputController poc = m_oCRClient.getPrintOutputController();
    InputStream in = (InputStream) poc.export(ReportExportFormat.PDF);

gberns (BOB member since 2009-08-07)


i am having the same issue. when there is large amount of data, the report is giving ‘can not create temp file’ error. sometimes crystal report server stops responding for this data set.

Kalyani (BOB member since 2007-02-26)