Quirky data preview in Webi for Excel datasource


We are on BOBJ 4.3 SP01 Patch 201, and the data preview option when using Excel as datasource seems to be quirky. When I first add excel as datasource with .xlsx (query1), data preview works fine. But when I add webi query (sap bw query as datasource) also (query2), and go back to query1 (excel datasource) for data preview, I get error that “The resource is not reachable. Please click help for more details”. However, when I hit run (combining both queries), and go back to edit mode and hit data preview on query 1, I don’t see this error anymore and it refreshes data and data preview works just fine.

Is there any reason for above error in data preview with excel datasource? Is there any special characters or clean-up that is needed before excel file is uploaded to BI launchpad and consumed?

I can‘t see any patch 201 for SP01 at the SAP-download-website ?
It‘s only available for SP00.
There are still a lot of errors in every of the versions, it is strongly recommended to update to the latest SP+patch a.s.a.p.

Sorry for the delayed response. We’re on 4.3 SP01 patch 200.
From BOBJ Launchpad, it shows 4.3 support pack 1 patch 2, version

SAP keeps telling to upgrade to latest patch/support packs, but errors keep popping up?