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Question about Business Objects Temporary Files

My question is for BOE XI 3.1 if that is of any relevance

I’ve got a data privacy team asking me questions about our Business Objects system that I have no idea about. They would like to know if Business Objects is generating temporary files for any reason that can actually contain data from the data source - and if so are those files that may exist anywhere on either the Reporting Server itself or the Input/Output repository folders (fileshare server in our case) “temporary” to any measurable degree or are there potentially some files containing data that may sit on disk forever?

The following is for version BOE 4.3. We found out that when running webintelligence documents temporary maps and files are created in \Data<servername><servername>.WebIntelligenceProcessingServer\sessions. What’s in these files or how long that they exist I do not know.