Qualifier is not visible under appowner schema


I am developing a report in CR2016. When I go to File ->Options and then in ‘Database’ tab I have ‘Tables’ and Views but I don’t see ‘Qualifiers’ there. I need to add a table from there for my report.
Any suggestions?

What is it that you are trying to achieve? My assumption is you want to be able to choose tables from different databases. If so, are those databases on the same server or different servers?

So In CR when we go to Database-> Database Expert, we have connection and then under schema we have ‘Tables’, ‘views’, ‘stored procedures’ and ‘qualifires’. But I don’t see ‘Qualifiers’. I am not sure why? I don’t have option to include from File->option->database.


What are you expecting to see in “Qualifiers”?

@afreeny2k1 , from your screenshot, I assume that your database is in SQL Server.
I don’t see an entity called Qualifiers in our SQL Server databases even when I look in SQL Server Management Studio. This may be something that has been customized by your database administrator. You should probably have this discussion with them.
Just for reference, I checked this with our Audit database for Business Objects.

Some Qualified tables

I am using Oracle Server