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Publication reports not sending email post promotion management

We have performed Production data copy to test system using promotion management. Post promotion management publications jobs are failing in test system with error below

ERROR [PublishingService:HandlerPool-3] BusinessObjects_PublicationAdminErrorLog_Instance_67047 - [Publication ID # 67047] - Scheduling document job “Canada-123” (ID: 67,054) failed: The following database error occurred: The SAP SSO authentication process will fail because the current user doesn’t have an alias that matches system XYPCLNT050… For information about this error, please refer to SAP Knowledge Base Article 2054721 on the SAP Support Portal. (IES 10901)
Scheduling document ‘Canada-123’ (ID: 67,054) failed for the following users:
Administrator (ID: 12)
These users had the following profile values:
[No profile values]
[1 recipients processed.]
Successfully Delivered:
Delivered to 0 recipients.

Those publications which are copied from production had ended with the above error, if we create a new report in Test system then it is working fine
XYPCLNT050. is BW Production server logical client name

Which version of BOBJ are you using? Unfortunately, the WIS 10901 error is pretty generic, so the KBA isn’t helpful.

A quick search on WIS 10901 Alias SSO found the following that might be helpful:



We are using 4,1 SP11 version

Were your users imported from test to prod? Are the cuids the same?

Yes Production users are copied to test system during promotion management all data has been copied.
Post Promotion management we changed the SAP Authentication type in BO test system, We have connected to Test BW system, Now application team are login using BW test system credential
Now TEST BO system use TEST BW credential Authentication type SAP.
cuids are different

If the users have different cuids, that is the problem - it’s looking for users that don’t exist.

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