Providing permission to LDAP user to access a folder F1 in B

I have added an existing LDAP user to existing Enterprise group G1. That group G1 has full control permissions to that folder F1.

Is this the right way?

I have seen LDAP groups in CMC. What should be done to LDAP group G1?


Ms Jyothi (BOB member since 2014-07-06)


As always, it depends!

The best way is that you use the LDAPgroups, to control access to the BO Folder.

So, if you have a enterprise group G1 that has access to folder F1, make your LDAPgroup a member of enterprisegroup G1. Then all users from your LDAPgroup G1, will get access to the folder.

Then when new users are added to the LDAPgroup, they will automaticly get access to the BO Folder.

Good luck

Bjorn :sweden: (BOB member since 2006-02-10)