Promotion management wizard


I have just built 4.3 SP1 POC environment, I used the promotion management to migrate content from 4.2 SP8 to 4.3 and it works well but for 1 issue.

When I view the favourite folders for the users it only displays half of the folders for the users, if I click on users or inbox they display all.

Anyone else have this issue and if so did you manage to fix it?

Everything else seems to work well but for not displaying all favourite folders.

Thank you


Hello @Llantwit and welcome to B :mrgreen:B

We aren’t working on anything with 4.3 yet but I have found that if you are promoting a large number of objects, it works better to use the command line option for promotion management rather than the wizard.

In fact, the command line option works great for large amounts of content. We typically don’t migrate users due to the interface with Active Directory (the CUIDs don’t match) but I have successfully migrated all public folder content, universes, and users with groups from one environment to another for testing an upgrade using the command line tool. It worked so well, we even cleaned out the test environment and ran again it more than once to support our end users in their testing. Looks like I had a properties file configured for the Favorites and Inboxes but didn’t use it for some reason. I can’t remember if the User IDs were the problem or if we just decided not to migrate them as they probably wouldn’t be tested.

Oh, one other thing, did you run the Promotion Wizard from the BI4.3 environment or the BI4.2 environment? You should run it from the BI4.3 environment if you didn’t. SAP doesn’t support using it to migration to a higher version but you can use it for migrating from a lower version.

Thank you for your reply, I did run the promotion management wizard on the 4.3 application server.

I was very surprised how it did handle everything as was expecting some issues, I have only quickly tested and everything seems to worked expected, even all security is in place on public folders, , universes and connection, only issue is user favorite folder.
I first thought maybe wizard failed to promote all favorite folders, on further investigation it only shows the first half of folders within the wizard, the folder displayed were promoted successfully but the other half is not even displayed.

I will look further at running commands directly as suggested instead of using the wizard and see if that helps.

Thank you for your advice.

If you have a current support contract with SAP for your Business Objects, this document will be helpful:
Pattern Book on Life Cycle Management- Promotion Management
This was my reference for what I configured.