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Promotion management side by side

I will be running a side by side promotion manangement from 4.2 sp 7 to 4.3 sp3 Patch 9. Are there any issues doing this? We want to keep the old server running along with the new one until we have the new server running the way we want to. I have a new CMS db on the new server. Can moving objects between the old to the new be done easily with the new CMS db? Also, for the Universe - will I be using the same universe with connections to both servers? Is this possible? Thanks in advance.

You should be able to promote content from 4.2 sp7 to 4.3 sp3 patch 9 with no problem. You should run the promotion from the 4.3 sp3 patch 9 environment.

The universe will be local to each environment, you actually move the objects from one environment to the other. The environments host the universes, the universes do not connect to the Business Objects environments.

Thanks do you have a step by step process for doing this - both server will be using the same db for business objects - is this possible? I found an SAP article on the promotion but was looking for something more detailed.

I’ve been using this document every since it was released. It has a lot of detail but it gives good information on how to pull out the objects that you want to promote.
Pattern Book on Life Cycle Management - Promotion Management

Just to clarify, you are using one CMS database for both environments? This will not work. You will need a separate CMS database for each environment.

Thanks so much. This looks very helpful. No, I have 2 CMS databases - 1 for each server. I think I’m confused by the data warehouse. Both the old server 4.2 sp 7 and the new server 4.3. sp3 patch 9 can both have access to the data warehouse simultaneously? Does the Promotion Managment copy the Universe from the old server to the new server?

Yes, both environments can be pointed to the same data warehouse at the same time.

Yes, Promotion Management will move the universes from the old environment to the new environment. You can actually move your entire content using Promotion Management. The document goes through that process.

When we did the same type of promotion you pull from 4.2 into 4.3. We ran the promotion management wizard from 2 prod server and 2 qa server to speed things along.

Thanks. the document regarding the Promotion Management states to use a dev Promotion Management server. We don’t have this setup. JohnBClark did you use a Dev Promotion Management server? We were just hoping to move from 4.2 sp3 to 4.3 sp 3 patch 9. As for the Data Warehouse - do we need to take a backup before running Promotion Manager? Do I need to promote users and groups even though AD is already setup on 4.3 sp3 patch 9?

I did run Promotion Management from it’s own server when I did our migrations. That allows you to tune that server to only run the services needed for Promotion Management. You might still be able to do that if your users are not using the BI4.3 environment yet.

You should not need to worry about your Data Warehouse, it isn’t part of Business Objects.

If you have lots of users with reports in their personal folders, yes, you will need to migrate the users and groups to keep the CUIDs in sync. You want to have AD configured in your 4.3 environment, but don’t import any groups. That should be in the instructions.

Thanks, I appreciate all the answers. No our users are not using 4.3. Once I run promotion Managment it is basically a copy of what we have on 4.2, correct? Our 4.2 server will still run with no issues? What about the 2 servers have a connection to the data warehouse -these run independently?

Yes, Promotion Management can be used to copy all of you objects from 4.2 to 4.3.
Your 4.2 server will still run just it has been.
Both servers can pull data from your data warehouse as they will do so independently.

I have a couple of other questions. Do I need to setup an odbc connection to our data warehouse on 4.3 prior to promotion management? Also, do I import or not import users and groups? I already have users, groups and SSO working on 4.3.

I don’t think it matters if the ODBC to your data warehouse is setup or not. That being said, I’ve always made it a practice to have the data connections configured on the server before migrating any content.

You should remove your users and groups from your 4.3 system before doing the migration and then migrate them from your 4.2 system if you want to be able to migrate any personal folder reports.

ok sorry a bit confused - so remove AD member groups (which should remove the users?) from Windows AD authentication in CMS 4.3 before running promotion management? When I run promotion management - I want to select groups to bring these over from 4.2?


Yes. This should be one of the steps in the document linked to earlier in this post.