Promotion management - enable/disable projects

I’m trying to enable a group of users to promote objects with CMC.
But we only want to enable promoting webis and universes.
I have created an access level in order to disable some rights like promote security, connections…
But when i’m editing a job with a user test, I can add to the job webis and universes (OK), but also projects. Projects seem to be the shared projects that you can use in IDT.
I don’t find how and where I can apply some rights in order to disable to promote these projects.
Do someone have an idea ?
I’m on BI 4.2 SP2.

lappro :fr: (BOB member since 2013-07-25)

I don’t think this is possible. Support for Projects is only half-baked; there is no security management in place yet.

joepeters :us: (BOB member since 2002-08-29)

Thank you for answer.
I searched everywhere I could apply security on projects, or disable it in promotion management. I was expecting an answer like yours… :smiley:
I keep an eye on this topic in case anyone has a magical idea

lappro :fr: (BOB member since 2013-07-25)

I’m still with the same subjects but this time for “Applications”.
I have created different Jobs of promotion according to our 3 environments (development, test and production).
I suceeded to apply security in order to disable promoting particular objects (connections, calendars …) and my user test can only promote universes and Webi documents.
In the different jobs, it’s always my user test who connect to the systems, so it’s his security that is applied on the objects he can/can’t add to the job.
But in 2 of the 3 environments (test and production), he could also add “Applications” in the job. In this folder we can see the different applications that you have in CMC/Applications.
When I’m going to the user/CMC Tab Configuration, the “Applications” is yet explicitly denied. So he can’t see Application on CMC Home.
For me I applied the same security on the 3 environments.
Where could be the difference ? At which level can I disable to add applications to a promotion job ?

I have read the note 2189340 of SAP support. It says that this folder couldn’t be hidden. In this case, why is it hidden on my development environment ? With administrator user I can see it, but not with my user test. That’s why I thought there is a way to hide it…

lappro :fr: (BOB member since 2013-07-25)