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Promotion Management Auditing

I submitted a request to SAP to have the result status of Promotion Management jobs audited and recorded in the Audit database. It does not look like this is currently done as of BI4.3sp2.
Promotion Management: Audit Job Status ( :lock: SAP site login required).
Please vote for this if it interests you.

I did, John, and thanks for submitting it.

I didn’t want to hijack your submission, but I would be happy with a separate consolidated logging mechanism for all promotion jobs. I’d like to see the source/target CMS, user accounts used, overall job status, and a list of every object and its status.

The Report Conversion Tool had its own set of auditing tables, which were very handy. I’d like to see something similar.

Apparently, you can get some of that information if you enable “Property Value Details” under Set Event Details in CMC → Auditing.
SAP KBA 3235410 - How to retrieve “Source”, “Destination”, “Change Management ID” and “List of objects promoted” of a promoted Job from Auditing database ?
It doesn’t appear that it includes the job status though.

Interesting. I just checked and we do have “Property Value Details” enabled, but I don’t see any of those properties in audit.