Promotion management - Analysis application type filed not promoted

We are performing promotion management live to live method from source production to target sandbox, Issue we are facing unable to promote “Analysis application” type files from source to target, screen shots are attached,
Source BO Version - 4.1 SP3
Target BO Version - 4.1 SP11


Which environment are you running Promotion Management in? You should be running Promotion Management from the 4.1 SP11 environment as there could be version differences.

What are you using for the login to the environments? We have encountered issues where the login to the Source environment needs to have Administrator permissions to read some of the security for the source. We have also found that the promotions work better if you use an Enterprise account, not a third party add in.

I’ve never tried to migrate an Application but my understanding is that you are only migrating configuration settings and maybe security configuration. You aren’t migrating the application itself because that is part of the installation process, not an object to be migrated.

We are running promotion management on target server 4.1 SP11
We are using Administrator user, enterprise authentication in source and target.
I have attached screen - highlighted objects are not promoting to target

Are Design Studio/Lumira (whatever the ever changing names are) installed on the destination server and appropriate licenses in place?

There is one application missing in target BO server , Application name - Design studio.
and there 4 new applications in target BO server below are the application name

  1. Query as webservice
  2. Restfull Webservice
  3. SAP Lumira
  4. Multitency management tool

License in place screen shots attached.

Can we promote Design studio application from source to target, is this will resolve the issue?

Source and target should be on the same patch level. Promotion is not to be used for upgrading.

That’s not really an upgrade as it is a change in service pack. It should work but the recommendation that I have had from SAP is to perform the promotion from an environment with the higher service pack. So you would need to be running Promotion Management from the 4.1 SP11 environment.