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Promoting contents with dependency injection

We have just moved to XI 4.3 sp2, want to move our reports from one environment to another if both have a database connection with the same name. how to ensure , that my free hand sql report when moved from evironment1 to environment2 will automatically point to the connection with the same name in environment2?

As long as you use Promotion Management, you shouldn’t have any problems… The relationships are actually governed by the object’s CUID, not the name. Using Promotion Management ensures that the CUID will remain the same between environments.

I would recommend viewing SAP KBA 1969259 - LCM CLI Best Practices - How to promote thousands of objects across BI4 environments ? :closed_lock_with_key:. The links to the pattern book are broken again which is unfortunate because it has some very good examples of the queries to use to migrate content.

If i migrate my report using PMW and a connection with the same name exists in the destination folder ,then on migrating my report to the destination ,will the report automatically point to the connection in the destination ?If not ,then what settings do I need to make in this case?

Best practice is not to create the connections on each environment, but to promote them. This way the connections will have the same GUID in the backend and any report that gets promoted will use that connection (you will only need to promote the connection ones and of course need to update the connection information to point to the correct database)