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Problems with Column Chart

Getting frustrated by a Column Chart I made.

It has a dimension with 4 values.

Lets say A, B, C and D.

The width of these values is lets say 5.
But the width of the coloured bar in that bracket is only 1 !

And A is totally to the left, B is a bit further to the left, C also and D is totally to the right!! :hb:

So what is going on here?
Just want a simple column chart in which the colums “touch” eachother without all this white spacing.

Ok I think I understand.
I had these 4 brackets also in the category axis aswell as in region color.

I need them in region color because I need them in the legend.

But I also would like to see the bracket on the x-axis and then have 1 color bar per bracket.
However BO now devides my bracket into 4 and then only colors 1 of the 4.

It is all logical…but not how I wanted it! :wink:

Oh well.

rpinxt (BOB member since 2019-01-23)