Problems while accessing data

I am using Lumira Designer 2.1 and when I try connecting to a SQL Server database via the universe and accessing the dashboard locally I do not see any issue. I am getting ‘Problems while accessing data’ error when I try accessing the dashboard via the BI Platform.
I am connecting to SQL Server 2012 via odbc. The server is a windows server.
Has anyone encountered this issue before?
I have othere datasources that use Oracle and I am not seeing this issue.

kumaran22 (BOB member since 2010-07-14)

Hi there

Just a few tips:

You have to have the same ODBCconnections on the BO-server, as you have on your local machine.

And you must test your published connections on the CMS, either if its UNV or UNX.

One other thing, you need to have the connection on both ODBC32-bit and ODBC-64 bit configured on the BOserver.

Good luck

Bjorn :sweden: (BOB member since 2006-02-10)