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Problem while installing Lumira Server, credentials are incorrect error while Password and User info is true

Hi all,

I am having trouble while installing Lumira Server on a machine. I get the error in Existing CMS Deployment Information step like below.

Also, in sap note 2522638, “telnet 6400” code is not working as below.


I looking forward for your replies.

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Telnet is no longer available/permitted because of security issues.

You have to use other tools to check the connection to the server. e.g. Powershell
If in doubt, ask your IT-Server-experts

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Thank you for your response, do you have any idea to pass this issue ? I also checked the tomcat ssl security preferences, but it does not apply.

You need to get the correct version of Lumira for your version of BO.

Compatibility Matrix:

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Thank you for your reply @ShawshankSteve ! I check the link, I use BO 4.2 SP09 Patch 14 it seem that I should install Lumira Server 2.4 SP00 Patch 4. I checked the software download center there is only Lumira Server SP00 released. Do you know where can I find Lumira Server SP00 Patch 4 ?

Hi, I went to Support Packages & Patches as opposed to Installations & Upgrades and then I then browsed alphabetically → L → SAP LUMIRA SERVER. I guess the update is if you already have an older version installed and the one without the word update is a fresh installation. See screenshot.

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