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Print spooler formattting amd memory issues

On our windows 2000 servers we are running BO 5.1.6 and webi 2.7. On our last go around of Microsoft patches old problems circa 2003-2004 are reappearing.

  1. The print spooler appears to be hanging and I am having problems with scheduled jobs not printing.
  2. I am starting ot see some reports change formatting from landscape to protrait.
  3. Memory is not releasing correctly on the server either. Out of 4 gig on the server 2.5 may be used up with nothing running.

We are in the midst of our migration to XI close to rolling it out to the groups and all of sudden new (actually old) issues are bogging me down.

Is any one else seeing old issues resurfacing? Most of these were non existent in one of the old Microsoft service packs.

Mike Murray :us: (BOB member since 2005-12-23)