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Previous Function

Can someone explain to me why the Previous function does not work correctly in this formula? It seems to work perfectly when I only have 1 or 2 clients. On Gardin, the first row should say No Credit because the Weight of Part is =< the Previous part.

= If IsNull ([Authorized Case Credit Total]) Then “PSX Not Started” Else If [Investigation Client ID] = Previous ([Investigation Client ID]) And ([Weight of Part(s)] <= Previous([Weight of Part(s)])) Then “No Credit” Else ([Authorized Case Credit Total])

Clinet Id Weight of Part Authorized Case Credit Total
Alexander 44.93 67.57
Alexander 39.71 No Credit
Phillips NULL PSX Not Started
Gardin 44.27 59.15 (Should be No Credit)
Gardin 44.27 No Credit
Gardin 44.93 59.81

nancet (BOB member since 2020-03-12)