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PREVENTING: Users sending reports to everyone

I am trying to prevent users from being able to send reports to everyone in BI 4.3

Currently we have a workaround to remove the Everyone group :

Can follow below steps to get the issue resolved :

  • It’s possible for the Administrator to restrict access to the “Everyone” group in CMC by denying any access rights.

  • It works well in CMC, but in BILP, there’s a problem where it still shows the “All User” group, even though it doesn’t exist anywhere.

  • In this case, the selection of the entire “All User” group checkbox is disabled, so they must select them individually.

  • This prevents from sending to “Everyone” by default.

Follow below steps creating one “Test User” for testing purpose :

  1. Login to CMC and an enterprise administrator

  2. Create a new user as Test User (For testing purpose)

  3. We have to deny the access for this Test User on Everyine group. For this follow below steps:

  4. Login to CMC with Administrator account

  5. Navigate to Users and Groups

  6. Select Groups List and select the group as Everyone

  7. Right click and select User Security

  8. Add Principle as Test User and Click on Assign Security

  9. Now click on Remove Access and Apply > OK

  10. Now, when you login to CMC with Test User and try to send any report to BI inbox, you won’t get Everyone group in Group list

  11. And if you login to BI launchpad and try to send he report to BI Inbox, the option for Everyone won’t be there. But yes, you will get to see the option for All users. But, if you try to click the checkbox, the option is greyed out. We have to click on the drop down option and select the users one by one

We have to change the access for specific users according to our requirements on Folder level and User level

I also submitted request at SAP Ideas and my request was selected for development in the future releases.

Ive seen this one is patched in SP4 patch 5 I think…

Glad to see that they added a “warninig” when we select “Everyone” group in SP4 Patch 5. I just checked this in P5. Happy to see my suggestion was considered for development :smile: