Populate text from main record onto sub-records where the default value is blank


I am trying to find a way to populate the highlighted cells with the [Line Text] of “Sample” in all instances where the [Commitment String PO] = “XXXXXXX”.

I don’t know if it is a helpful detail or not, but the reason for this is that currently each year I need to create a new variable based off of [Commitment String PO], which changes year to year. The [Line Text] remains the same each year and, if I can populate all sub records with the value from the main record, I can assign the variable one time and not have to touch it on an annual basis.


Unless you have something more complicated going on that isn’t shown, you should be able to use an if statement:
= if [Commitment String PO] = “XXXXXXX” then “Sample”

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I’m sorry. I definitely left out important details. What you provided is exactly what I do now, and I’m trying to skip that part.

Just going to start with what the desired end result is. I need to assign the Spend Plan Line “SPL1” for all lines that have “XXXXXXX” as the Commitment String PO. I can go in manually each year and do this based off the new Commitment String PO but that is manual. Line Text stays the same each year so it’s the preferred field as it is constant. However it only shows up on the main record. So I need to fill in the Line Text with “Sample” for all sub records so that I can key off of that field.


Where does the Spend Line “SPL1” value come from? Is it unique?

It is unique to each different Line Text and is not in the data pulled from the system. Line Text and Commitment String are both housed in the database, but Spend Plan Line is the ultimate goal, and I am attempting to use Line Text and Commitment String to assign the unique Spend Plan Line.

Please elaborate on this. In plain words, what exactly is the logic you are using to accomplish this. To write a formula there needs to be static if x the y logic that can be derived from the available data.

Also not sure what you mean by:

How is the data on subsequent lines related if there is no data? Is that a break header and the data is just not being displayed?

It may be best to illustrate your need starting with the plain, raw, unformatted data.