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Paris Business Objects Conference: BI4.3 & more

SAP and 360Suite are organizing a BOBJ conference in Paris around the future of BOBJ

Tour SAP France, Levallois Perret, FRANCE
March the 28th 2019


10:00: Keynote with Denis Payre (BOBJ co founder), Sebastien Goiffon (me :mrgreen: ), and SAP
10:30: Discover the latest features of SAP BusinessObjects BI4.2 SP7
11:00: Upgrading to the latest versions of SAP BusinessObjects; how 360Suite can help you?
11:30: Two customers cases: discover how these customers maximized their investments thanks to 360Suite

1:30: Discover the most promising innovations of SAP BusinessObjects BI4.3!
2:30: 360Suite’s roadmap and his recently released Cloud Migration Accelerator
3:45: Secure your Investments on BusinessObjects with SAP’s Hybrid Analytics strategy

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CU there

Hi Sebastien,

I presume that the conference will be in the French language which I am not master of. So my question is will there be in Europe the same or similar conference in the English language?

Marek Chladny :slovakia: (BOB member since 2003-11-27)

Hi Marek

Correct French :mrgreen:

Yep there are plan to run in other countries I will keep you informed