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Oracle to Snowflake Migration

we are currently looking at moving the datasource for one of our universes from Oracle to SnowFlake.

The universe is used in 900 reports and we are trying to come up with an estimate of the effort involved.
We were hoping that if the same tables were available in SF that we might get away with just flipping the connection from Oracle to SF and then dealing with any Oracle functions we had used in object definitions.
The problem I think we will face with this is that when we create a univers (unv or unx) the table name is prefixed with the schema name from SF, and also tin the objects that are created.

I can’t see that we will have any other option but to rebuild our universe and reports from scratch but am hoping someone else on here has been through a similar migration and have the experience to share.


I don’t think you would have to rebuild everything. If you replace the tables in your universe you should be able to just update which table and column the objects point to without having to replace the objects. If you keep all the objects the same, then the reports will still work.

Remember that you can do a search and replace in the SQL of the object definitions to help things go faster.

Thanks. I can’t see any other option and tested this with a simple universe.
Problem is one of the universes contains 148 tables and 2180 objects. We also have universes which contains a large number of derived tables which use Oracle functions. We are still in the analysis phase to enable us to come up with a reasonable estimate for the project but I think the client has vastly underestimated the effort involved!