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Once SAP Dashboards is gone, what should users use?

Once SAP Dashboards is gone, what should users use? What are you telling your users to migrate to?

pcgeekus :us: (BOB member since 2003-10-16)

I think the only option if you stay with SAP is SAP Analytics Cloud. I have looked at the trial version and watched a number of videos. Pretty impressive.

A large number of Xcelsius and SAP Dashboards customers have also moved across to Squirrel365

It has a 30 day trial and if you email support they will also switch on a labs XLF convertor.


p.s. full disclosure, I work for Squirrel365 as I loved Xcelsius and when I found Squirrel I just had to be part of the team

An easy way to makes webi able to be your favorite tool for dashboarding is the Need4Viz addon need4vis site . Many customers having Xcelsius and SAP Dashboards are able to replace their dashboard by combinating webi and Need4viz

It has a 30 day trial.