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Oh, that's sad ;-(

:nonod: :flush:


Wolfgang Bidner :austria: (BOB member since 2002-08-30)

It was a pleasure and good time with all of you - sharing and caring…

thanks a lot!

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Wolfgang Bidner :austria: (BOB member since 2002-08-30)

This is mostly a test post.
It’s my first post.

Drat, no bbCode. :flush:

[b]bbCode[/b] [i]is[/i] [s]working[/s].

bbCode is working. (but who is still using bbCode in 2020 ? :wink: )

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Oh, I was trying the font color and size codes. My old profile was chock full of those.

Is there another way to quote a message than to highlight the text and the click “reply”?

I ask because selecting the bold, italic, and strikethrough in your message and the styles were not preserved in what I had copied.

fun fact, it seems that only markdown style is preserved.

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Some BBCode testing

It [size=14]g[/size][size=18]r[/size][size=22]o[/size][size=26]o[/size][size=28]w[/size][size=32]s[/size]!!!
or [style size=“10px”]does it?[/style]

It is possible to color the text [color=red]red[/color] [color=green]green[/color] [color=blue]blue[/color] -
or [color=#DB7900]whatever[/color]

or like this [style color=“red”]red[/style] [style color=“green”]green[/style] [style color=blue]blue[/style] [style color=#DB7900]whatever[/style]

This is some text[right]This is some right aligned text[/right]

A few tests from

I think only 5 things are supported.
italic bold strikethrough boxed and underlined