ODP extractors and SAP Data Services

Some areas for the ODP enabled extractors are not very clear to me. I have gone through lots of documents and forum posts. In most cases I found conflicting information in separate places. Therefore I would be happy if someone could provide some information for my questions below?

  • I understand that there is no specific procedure required to release an ODP enabled extractor? If the “old type” extractor is released so is the ODP enabled extractor. Is that a correct statement?

  • Let’s assume a delta capable ODP enabled extractor has never been used by any consumer. When an initial load is requested by Data Services what exactly does the source system do? Does the source system automatically fill the Operational Delta Queue (ODQ) with all the historical information available in the system first so that Data Services can get the data? If that is the case I guess some initial loads take a very long time as the source system needs to prepare the data to be put into the ODQ first. Is this a correct statement?

  • I understand that the “reorganize delta queues” job cleans up old records from the ODQ based on the time selections made. What happens if a delta load for an older time than the data in the ODQ is requested by a delta load job (by setting the “Extract from datetime” variable) or an initial load is requested? Does the source system automatically fill the ODQ with the data required to fulfill the request?

  • I imported some extractors into Data Services. When I check the ROOSOURCE table for the extractor I see that the delta capability is marked with “E”. I see “E” stands for “Unspecific Delta Via Extractor (Not ODS-Compatible)”. Do these kind of extractors have the same delta logic or is the logic specific to the extractor itself? May I use them in a delta load once I understand the logic?


aonur (BOB member since 2016-05-25)