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Object value on a title of the schedule instance (BI 4.2)

Hello Experts,

We have a requirement to display a specific query object value after scheduling a publication/report, which will be sent to either the BI Inbox or FileSystem. The instance title should show the Report Name and the value of the object(we have dynamic values around 4 or 5 entries each nightly cycle). Please let me will this be possible.?

I guess it is not possible to dynamically set the file name.
what about scheduling the report 5x with different filename ?
what about editing the filename after writing, with a rename-script on OS-level ?

Thank you for your response. Your suggestion is appreciated, but we currently generate at least 300 schedule reports daily into multiple folders with in businessObjects. Do you have any additional recommendations?

As @N8AKTIV stated I do not believe this is possible with the core BusinessObjects functionality. There are a number of third-party products with which you might be able to achieve this.

My company does use some of APOS’ other products, but not APOS Publisher. I do not have first hand experience with any of these product and neither am I endorsing any of them. I am simply providing you some possibilities for further research. These products will cost something, but it may be worth it to your company.


can you break your document into sections ?
if yes, you can separate/publish the report to dynamic-receipients based on the section,
and you can use the additional placeholder in the filename

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A publication, using dynamic recipients, might meet your need. The dynamic recipient’s ID can be used in the subject or body of the email.