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Number of Times Patient Appears on Report

Hi. I am looking to add a count called “MRN Count” to a report. Since Mike is on the report twice, I would like the MRN Count field to display 2 for Mike. Paul and Sam should display 1. Is there an easy way to do this? I tried creating a variable =Count([MRN];All), but that didn’t work.

Name MRN MRN Count
Mike 11
Mike 11
Paul 5
Sam 7

What is trivial in Excel can be tricky in BOXI

Do you have a UID or index number for each row?
If so, something like…

=Count([MRN];All) ForAll[UID]

…should do the trick.

Thank you for the reply. I wasn’t able to find an index number in order to apply your solution, but I appreciate you reaching out. I wound up exporting to Excel and identifying the duplicates that way.

Hi there


=Count([MRN];All) ForEach ([MRN])