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New user or removal of user in Windows AD Security Group

When a user is added or removed in Windows AD, I imagine this process is reflected in the CMC. So if a user belongs to a security group and departs from the company, that user will be wiped off of the user list in the CMC, correct?

If you have the synchronization configured in the Windows AD authentication area, this will happen.

Any reports that the user owns will be removed as well.

Wait, what?! So if he created a report published to public folders and he leaves the company, that report disappears with him?!

If we do not turn on the synchronization feature, will the report remain and we simply manually remove him using the CMC?

If you do not run on synchronization, the user will be left in the system and no new ones will be added.

It doesn’t matter how you delete the user, all of their content will be deleted when the user is.

Very interesting! So basically we would want to move items from Test to Prod with an enterprise user account like Administrator so when the user leaves, it will not have an impact on the reporting environment. Alternatively, can we just change the owner of folders and reports to a different user?

I don’t know of a way to change the owner of folders and reports unless it can be done through the SDK.

We use an enterprise user (not Administrator) for all of our promotions, so this does address reports that are in Public Folders. It still leaves personal folders where a user could have reports.

I think some administrators have an Enterprise alias created for all of their users to prevent this from happening. That would leave a lot of dead user logins in your system though.