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New category for HANA

Can I suggest we create a new category for HANA calc views? I know that is not directly part of Business Objects but many people who are universe / data services developers also have HANA development in their job description.

Hello @bension!

Nice idea ! In the building reports category right ?

Probably a better fit under semantic layer. Or maybe its own category?

Waiting for other advices :wink: I am not a HANA user at all.

@moderators do you have a suggestion ?

Hi Julien,

I agree with Bension, it should be under Semantic Layer or a category of its own, as SAP HANA creates different views (Attribute View, Analytic View and Calculation View) which are then used as source, for Webi reports. If you want, checkout how it’s categorized in SAP Blogs, I see a major one called SAP BW HANA Data Warehousing

@julien - Whenever a spot/slot opens up, I’d love to be part of Moderators team. :wink:


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OK I understand, this is more about SAP HANA storage in general, and not only reporting on HANA views with Web Intelligence right ?

So I can imagine a new top-level category: SAP BW HANA Data Warehousing

with the description:
Many users are dealing with HANA, including within BOBJ. This section is dedicated to topics about HANA views subjects (Attribute View, Analytic View and Calculation View).

Any suggestion ?

Thanks !