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Netscape/SUN Java System/iPlanet v7.0.1 with WebI 2.7.4

Has anybody managed to configure iPlanet v701 webserver to run with WebI 2.7.4? We previously had iPlanet v604 running with it, but all the webservers are being upgraded to v701. We have copied across the settings in obj.conf, magnus.conf and mime.types, but get an “HTTP 500 - Internal server error” (Page cannot be displayed) message when clicking on the login button. Does anybody have any suggestions (besides upgrading the WebI version!)?



msmit207 (BOB member since 2003-03-04)


Have the webserver changes been ‘accepted’?

In the past, the webserver admin needed to log into the application and accept changes made by another application.

You could also try reinstalling WebI with an account that has privileges to change the webserver config files.

This seems to me to be more of a web server issue than a WebI issue.


Lone Ranger (BOB member since 2003-07-10)