Multiple sessions without a name

Hello all

My customer, from time to time, can’t run 2 publications at the same time. The message received is “unable to perform this action” (I’m not sure of the message though, as it’s translated from french…)

After a while, and we think that it’s when no other publication is running, the publication that didn’t work starts running eventually.

So I went to check the sessions and here is what I’ve found :
There are multiple sessions, active at the same time, but without a name and their number seems limited to 16… (see attachment)

Named sessions disappear when the user leaves BO when unnamed sessions don’t.

  • do you know what are these unnamed session ?
  • do you know if there’s a way to kill them ?
  • have you ever experienced the issue when 2 publications can’t run at the same time ?
  • if so, how did you solve the issue ?

Thank you in advance

agor :canada: (BOB member since 2005-03-29)