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Moving data between repositories

Hello, I’m not the administrator in my company or anything like that, but I think this question can be answered here.

Ok, we have two enviroments. They are the same in everything: same universes, same structure, etc etc. Both production enviroments but you could say that they divide the company in North Company and South Company.

Sometimes we make reports that take info from one enviroment and use it as datasource in the other. What we do at this moment is very tedious: We create a webi report in enviroment North, schedule it as a xls, send it to our email, download it and upload it on the other enviroment. We can’t see one enviroment from the other end.

Is there an easier way to do this? Can the admin take the xls from one enviroment and copy it to the other? And if the admin can, can it be done automatically?


Have you looked into federation? This option allows you to synchronize content (as far as I know not the schedules, so the schedule to generate the Excel still need run on both environments)

create a shared network-location and schedule the report to export to this location.
then in WebI RC you can build a report on the file it this network-share without uploading it to BO

Thanks Guys. I will seee wich of those options we can use. I don’t even have access to the rich client, only the web client. Maybe with this we can push so we can get the rich client. If we can solve I’ll let you know how we did it. Thanks