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Moderators needed!

Hi all,

Currently there is no so much activity here, but I think we will need to setup a moderator team in order to redirect topics or handle spam: who have some spare time to help me on this ? I will provide more info and help in a dedicated Staff category.

Thanks !

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I have some time and could help.

Thanks ! I will drop you a message !

I could help, I use BO daily in my job so I will probably have this site open in my browser.

:+1: I will drop you a message !

I can help from time to time too.

@Marek Chladny you are already part of the staff :wink:

The about page is showing our valuable moderator team !

Heh, right :slight_smile:

Is there a tutorial for admins what we are supposed to do, when and how?

I can help. SAP DS / IS consultant with 12+ years exp.

We are probably following the same rules of the old forums (

So we just need to make sure everyone is following them too.

EDIT: We have our own TOS page, although it looks like a TOS template which needs updating -

We need to update the TOS you are right. I add that to the todolist,

We have now an initial group of moderators, I close this topic for now :wink: