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Misplaced Folder After 4.3 SP02 Patch 8 Upgrade

After a upgrade from 4.2 SP09 Patch 4 to 4.3 SP02 Patch 8 over the weekend we are experiencing an odd BI Launchpad issue. In some folders that have a lot of sub-folders and reports the sub-folders are not all at the top like I would expect. In the screen shot below, the “Wire Room” folder is not displayed at the top with the other folders…

Instead you have scroll down some, but not even to “W”. It is in between two reports whose title begins with “S”.

And if I rename the “s - Wire Room” folder to “t - Wire Room” it shifts down and show up above the “Wire Room” folder.

I have opened a ticket with our SAP support provider.

Anyone else seeing this? My work-around it to just use the list of folders on the left side of the screen to navigate to a specific folder.


I am working on an upgrade from BI4.2sp8 to BI4.3 SP02 Patch 7. I checked in our systems, and I don’t see this issue.

You may have gotten a new “feature” with patch 8. :laughing:

When we initially started planning for this upgrade we were also targeting 4.3 SP02 Patch 7. However, we ran into this issue with Events so be sure this isn’t a show stopper for you like it was for us.


We only use User Notification events when we need to make an announcement. Otherwise we don’t use Events. If it wasn’t for the User Notifications, I would shut down the APS.Event server.

We use File Events extensive to know when certain data has been successfully loaded and dependent reports are clear to run.

We have an external scheduling tool that handles all the dependencies and then kicks off the reports through the web service. That’s how we can avoid a more extensive use of Events.

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I am not seeing this issue in 4.3 SP2 Patch9…

Srinivas Perumandla

We have opend a ticket as well with SAP for this, but we got back they are working on it, and probably is fixed in SP3. (Fun fact, it’s not)

It will only place the folders first, if they are loaded with the initial load of the page.
So If you have 1000 reports and 100 subfolders, but your page view is set on 100. It will only place all folders which load on those 100 first items on top, the others are in between the reports.

This issue got raised up to SAP and I spoke to support personnel today. They are not able to reproduce this issue. Since we can navigate the folders in the list on the left side I stated this was acceptable and they did not need to pursue the issue any further. We’ll see if it is fixed for us whenever we upgrade next.