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Migration from 3.1 to 4.2

Hello all :slight_smile:

We started migration from 3.1 to 4.2 side-by-side. I installed new instance of 4.2. I had a plan: I use Import Wizard, and using UMT I will promote objects. And… :slight_smile: in UMT I can see all objects (Right levels, folders, universes etc.) but I can not see reports. Whole file size is 16MB, im not sure but it is small if we are talking about ~3k reports.

Do you have idea how to export these reports? Where can I find Import Wizard logs?

Thanks for advise :wink: !
Have a good day.

Oh if somebody looking for answer for this question.

We had to use other account, probbably with stronger privileges. But I will confirm that after update to 4.2 platform ;).


yeah - if are you unsure what you see or don’t, use the administrator account or account with Administrators group membership (if is allowed by company security rules polices)