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Migrating from Windows 2012 to Windows 2019 Unconventional Method

I saw a post here that was similar to mine but I want to post this anyway because there are some differences.

I need to get my BOE cluster off of Windows 2012 R2 and on to Windows 2019 server. I’ve opted to use an unconventional but simple approach: attach Windows 2019 BOE servers to the existing Windows 2012 cluster by using an expanded install and run only long enough to get them attached to the cluster and then stop the Win 2019 SIAs. (Please read this: I know running Windows 2012 CMS servers and Windows 2019 CMS servers at the same time does not work well together and the cms.exe’s will interfere with one another). I added 2 Win 2019 CMS servers, 3 Win 2019 Job Servers and have a new Win 2019 server for the default tomcat web tier install.

The Windows 2019 servers are now attached to the cluster but not actively running. Only the Win 2012 servers are running. I configure the FRS Input and Output on my Win 2019 CMS servers to point to the correct directory share which will take place after they are started. I also configure the destination info for the Win 2019 Job Servers (which are also stopped and not running while the Win 2012 servers are running). I have the SIA on all Win 2019 servers set to disable so that nothing will try to run if the server is rebooted when I don’t want it to be rebooted. I have the BOE components on those 2019 servers set to not auto start on SIA start as well. I will change this when I need to exclusively run the Win 2019 servers going forward.

When it’s time to use the Win 2019 BOE servers and never use the Win 2012 servers anymore, I:
Stop the SIAs on all Win 2012 servers.
Start the SIAs on all Win 2019 servers.
Starting using the URL for the new Win 2019 tomcat server going forward.
To me, I feel that I’m basically done now except:
1. Should I just leave the CMS database alone at this point and let the CMS db think that there are Win 2012 servers in a cluster (that will never be running again)?
2. Should I follow the process of removing the old Win 2012 nodes through each 2012 server’s CCM? (I believe I should be able to do so since their SIA’s are stopped and I now have a cms.exe running on two other Win 2019 servers).

Does anyone see any reason why this unconventional process wouldn’t work? I keep thinking about it and can’t think of any reasons yet. I’ve added servers to a cluster. Will stop some of the servers (permanently) and only use the others going forward. Servers running in the cluster will all be of the same OS version.

(John Clark - thanks for looking at this on another forum. I want to see what the input is like from this forum. I used to be here since '99 or early 2000 - WebI 2.6.2- but lost my ID and pw.)

Constructive input appreciated! Thanks!

I answered your post in the SAP Community but I will answer here for the benefit of those who don’t have access to the SAP Community.

I have done something very similar and it worked very well. The critical component in the process is to make sure you are using the same version of Business Objects for both installations. I don’t think the OS version would make any difference.

I guess you are still on 4.2 ?
Mainstream-support already ended 2022 so take this opportunity to migrate to 4.3
or move to other BI-solution

Thanks for letting me know. I looked into it. It looks like we might not be using BOE by the end of 2024. We would use Priority-One support for the remainder of that time.