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Migrated Server; Can't Run Reports

So I installed BOE on a new server (separate from the server that houses the reporting database), added a few reports to the CMC, but now those reports don’t run. The error that CMC is giving me is:

This is strange, because the reporting database does not require authentication. The reports run just fine elsewhere (both in designer and in a viewer attached to an ERP system). I’ve tried seeing that all configuration options in the new server match the old one, and they do. I have the database drivers and a DSN set up for that database. I can even query it using SQL from the new report server. But no luck with running automated reports.

Any idea what else I’ve missed?

PackMaster5000 (BOB member since 2020-02-21)

if you havent solved it.
As this seems to be Crystal Reports, have you checked the password for the reports in CMC. (database configuration)


Bjorn :sweden: (BOB member since 2006-02-10)