Microsoft Chromium Edge and Webi

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Maybe anyone can help. We are upgrading to Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser and using WeBI Platform 4.1 Support Pack 7. It seems that we cannot use java just like with the traditional IE browser as we get an error saying “Web Intelligence Applet cannot be loaded, please make sure you have installed a Java virtual machine”.
Do you have any solutions for this please?

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I don’t have the Supported Platforms document for BI4.1 handy but I don’t think it is supported on Microsoft Edge. You might be able to use Google Chrome but not newer than version 44 as the Java Applet will not launch from version 45 forward.

BI 4.2 is not supported with Microsoft Edge until BI4.2sp4 so your best option would be to upgrade your Business Objects.

Microsoft also announced that they will stop supporting IE in the near future. In 4.3 I believe everything is moved to html 5 and does not support the java applet. Edge does have a compatibility mode but I’m guessing that won’t work.

You can also use html mode or webI rich client.

Thanks for your responses. The solution we came up with was to use Edge for the running/refreshing of reports but using RichClient whenever we need to refresh an Excel source.

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It looks like this is suddenly hitting us with the IE security issue that’s turned up. It may mean I finally get my hands on Rich Client!

4.2 SP8 is support per the PAM document for 4.2

I have the new Edge working with SP7 Patch 5 with no issues. We didn’t change anything on the servers or the clients to make it work.