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Hi all,
I have a report with 2 universes from the same database and it’s started generating the #MERGED_VAR_ERROR errror which is a new one on me. One universe is just looking at one table and merge the order number in the other universe.
Here is the order number from both queries and the variable syntax. The order number from query 1 needs coverting to be able to merge and this has always worked up till recently. So the variable of the order number from Q1 is merged to the order number from Q2. ALso shown the report table and the error is appearing. Does anyone know what is causing this issue please?

When you include the variable that performs the replace() in your report, does it return an error on any line?

Out of interest, why are there two universes over one database?

What is the data type? If there are letters in it, then ToNumber will break.