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Manually generate BOMAIN for ZABO

I’ve BO6 installaed on server. It works propely. When I try to “modify” a full client report it should open ZABO (witch is installed on server and on client machine too). But i doesn’t. The pop up page remain there and nothing happens. I’ve olsto tried to ‘download BusinessObjects’ from OPTIONS-> VIEW menu with the same result: a pop up windows that ask to wait and nothing more.
So I’m asking if someone has a solition like manually creating the BOMAIN for ZABO as you can create the BOMAIN for full client using SUPERVISOR in ADMIN option.
thank everybody

tonchito :it: (BOB member since 2004-10-21)

you need admin right on your computer. Is it the case for you ?

bernard timbal :fr: (BOB member since 2003-05-26)

Yes :?
I Have maximum rights (Administrator of domain and General supervisor of BO) :hb: :hb: :hb:
I suppose that the problem is something related to the old old version of BO witch is not compatible with Inernet Exploer.
I’ve tryied also with Crome and Firefox but the result is the same.
That’s why I’m thinking to solve this creating manually the bomain since clients are already totally installed and patched on pc. I’ve tryied olso from other computers with Windows XP 32 bit …

tonchito :it: (BOB member since 2004-10-21)