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Lumira Configuration Error "Data retrieval restricted by configuration"

Hi Everyone,

I face a problem when try to retrieve data using Universe in Lumira 2.4 , I got the following message

“Result set is too large; data retrieval restricted by configuration”

any hint where and how fix this, i search the internet with no luck :frowning:

Thanks and regards

  1. n CMC navigate to Server option.

  2. Select Lumira Server Services.

  3. Right click Lumira Server Services.

  4. See the properties of Lumira server.

  5. In the command line parameter, add the following parameters:

  6. -Dhilo.recordsview.maxcells=

  7. -Dhilo.maxvizdatasetsize=

  8. Choose Save and close.

  9. Restart the Lumira server.

Thanks @martensnl

i try this solution but it didnt work for me :frowning:

Thanks again

Maybe then it’s time the register a ticket with SAP. Because this is the configuration that you can adjust.

ps: You could also consider changing the query that you use to limit the amount of data.

You might have to restrict the data at the universe level. I forget how many rows of data allows.

The configuration can also be in the adaptive processing server containing the Lumira Service Configuration. There you can also set the row limitation.