Looking for Recommendation for a conference

My company is permitting me to attend 1 BusObj / Crystal Report conference this year. My purpose for going is to learn more about the product and what is coming in the future. Can anyone recommend a conference to me?

jacey41 (BOB member since 2012-06-15)

Hi - I know the BI+Analytics Conference (biaconference.com) will cover roadmaps, so will ASUG Annual Conference (sapandasug.com) and SAP Insider https://sapinsiderevents.wispubs.com/2019/las-vegas/fin-grc/bihana - but I am not sure Crystal Reports is covered. We try to cover upcoming roadmaps on ASUG webcasts at https://discuss.asug.com/docs/DOC-40413

tpowlas3 :us: (BOB member since 2017-06-17)