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Looking for performance tips - Bus Objects is so slow for us

I’m a big fan of Bus Objects for operational reporting, but in our implementation it’s just agonizingly slow - compared to lots of things on the web. As a result, leadership is not going to use it. They can barely wait 5s and then would move on. Yet I can go to Zillow, type in an address, and it’s there in like 2s ! I know it’s not the same, but it sets expectations on how a computer system should work.

So we’re trying to move forward with dashboards for this and that. But from my experience, this wouldn’t work because it’s so slow.

For example, one fairly complex report takes

  • 20s just to load
  • 30s to run the report (not bad actually)

But people are used to their phones (and Zillow). Like ESPN, you can pull up the stats from a game lickely-split, then tap the players and BAM! their profile comes up.

Our database is small - - - 30,000 student records and if we have a related table with 100,000 records, that’s a LOT!

Which specific version of BI 4.3 are you using?

Do you have tomcat and CMS in the same machine?

tell us specifications about your server and deployment in order to help you. a fact… the fiori interface in BI 4.3 is not so fast

Unless your BOBJ is significantly undersize, This sounds to me like less of a BOBJ issue and more of a database issue.
Where are you calling your data from? Is it sitting on a SQL server? Are you doing anything at the server level in terms of optimizing the database for “reporting”?
if your Db is being hit with transactions at the same time as your trying to run a report with a whole bunch of averages and top N transaction this can cause delays.
If your writing inline SQL why dont you test the query speed by running it directly in a sql tool ? So you can isolate where the delay is.
Just my 5cents.

  • 20s just to load
  • that means - from click to open? - what if you purge all data from report?