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List of Reports That Use a Specific Universe

I have written a report using the BI platform CMS System database universe provided by SAP to get a list of reports that use a specific universe. The query is only returning Web Intelligence reports and not Crystal Reports.

:grey_question: Has anyone else run into this?
:grey_question: Is this an issue with the universe or am I missing something?

I am using BI 4.3sp2 patch 7.

Hi John,

Looks like you have applied query filter Kind and the values are related to webi reports only.

Kindly apply the corresponding values for Crystal reports

Jagadeesh C

What are the filters for Chrystal Reports? If I knew what they were, I would have included them.

I submitted an improvement request: Add Crystal Report links to BI platform CMS system database.unx :lock:
Please give it a vote if you have a SAP Support login.

From SAP on my improvement request:

Dear Customer,
This is a valid ask, but let me precise a couple things:

  1. As of today, only CR4E is leveraging UNX universes.
  2. As of Today, Crystal Classic (CR202x) leverage UNV
    According to the published Roadmap, in next future (understand BI2025 release) CR4E will be stopped
    FYI, CR classic is starting support of UNX with the BI4.3 SP04 (delivery date end of December 2023).
    With all this, we may take this into account to make some modification so that CR using UNX is also reflecting using the CMS DB Driver universe.
    We need to see how much this idea got traction before commiting to it.