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List all Reports, Universe and Connection details


Is it possible to get the list of all Reports, corresponding Universe and Connection details using the Audit universe in BI4.1?

I am trying to collect the details of all reports in the repository for clean up process. We have multiple version of same universe and reports with many connectionsā€¦ :expressionless:

Anbu A

Anbu2007 (BOB member since 2013-05-28)

Business Objects Metadata Manager can do what you say (now information steward). Out of the box 4.0 and 4.1 donā€™t build these specific types of relationships the way i think you want them to. If you go to the CMC and right click a universe you can see what reports USE that universe, but iā€™m not aware of a way to get that information through query builder unless you do a search for all documents of type webi with connection or something of X ā€¦

Go to universes > right click a universe > Tools > check relationships other than that Dallas Marks has some great information on his website on how to really utilize query builder. That may help

jsolomonic (BOB member since 2009-03-02)

Use the Repository Documentor. It rules.

clarence (BOB member since 2005-11-18)

Auditor only collects data for what has been used, it misses everything else. For a list of reports for a specific Universe in BI 4.1, you can use the CMC and under Universes, Right-click on the universe and Check Relationships. The Repository Documenter will give you more and can be adapted to work in Access and give you somehting you can all create reports on (Windows Server systems only).

pcgeekus :us: (BOB member since 2003-10-16)

Hi, I am new to administrator tasks.
ā€œCheck relationshipsā€ is working fine but I am unable to export it to the excel spreadsheet. The option was disabled.,
BOE env details
BOE 4.2 SP6 / EDGE

I really appreciate if you could help me on this.

Thank you,
Suren Iska